Congress Activities

The International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing (ICNDT) is expected to be present to explain the international adoption of ISO 9712 and the importance of Mexico’s membership in the MRA2 agreement.

During the Pan American Inspection Conference, five types of presentations are planned.

Plenary Sessions

It will be given by world-renowned speakers on the subjects of non-destructive testing and welding inspection.


There will be an exhibition featuring over 80 companies showcasing equipment and materials for welding inspection, non-destructive testing, and recognized research and development centers.

Technical Sessions

During 3 days we will have the opportunity to learn about the advances in science and technology applied to welding inspection and non-destructive testing, as well as new applications and new inspection methods.


The panels are dedicated to students from different schools, and research and development centers to present the progress of their research work. Presentation time is 1 hour with a student explaining the content and answering questions.


This exhibition has reserved spaces for small companies and entrepreneurs to have a forum to present their products and services in welding and non-destructive testing.