Convention Center

Convention Center "Tabasco 2000"

The Tabasco 2000 Convention Center, located in one of the most important areas of Villahermosa, Tabasco, hosts national and international business, social, educational and cultural events every year.

It is a space available to hold conferences, conventions, fairs, exhibitions and events of all kinds.

It has an air conditioning system, of the frozen water type with two turbo-machines; They have a refrigeration capacity of 300-400 tons with capacity control and automatic cooling control, in order to maintain comfort temperatures depending on the type and magnitude of the event.


  • 1 tanker with a capacity of 450 thousand liters, with a 30 horsepower pump. 20 fire-fighting water intakes.
  • The exhibition area is just over three thousand square meters.
  • The structure has a load capacity of 450 kg x m².
  • Free height of 30 ft approx. throughout the entire area.
  • An access ramp of 15 x 235 ft approx.
  • 3 emergency doors.
  • 1 main entrance with 4 entrances. Height of 7 x 8 ft approx. wide.
  • 30 110v outlets
  • Its maximum audience capacity is 3,100 people
  • During the exhibition, it is open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm

Located near important tourist places such as:

  • Tómas Garrido Canabal Park.
  • Tabasco Planetarium 2000.
  • Shopping plazas.


  • Collective transportation services.
  • Taxis.
  • Uber – Didi.
  • Private car