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The state of Tabasco is located in the southeastern part of Mexico and is rich in culture and cuisine.

Some places to visit are:


1. Comalcalco Archaeological Zone

Located in the municipality of Comalcalco, in the state of Tabasco, it is an archaeological site of the Mayan civilization. Its ancient name was Joy Chan, which is Mayan for “place surrounded by the sky”.

The area is a necropolis built with bricks and stucco of oyster shells of the Classic Maya period (from the I century B.C. to the IX century A.D.). Developed between 700 BC and 900 AD, this site is considered the most western of the Mayan culture

Hacienda Cacaotera “La luz”

2. Hacienda Cacaotera “La luz”

Chocolates Wolter was founded in 1958 by a German immigrant, Dr. Otto Wolter. Today it is one of the most traditional factories in Tabasco and producer of one of the best Mexican chocolates.


3. Yumká

Yumká is an ecological reserve whose main purpose is the promotion of environmental education, conservation and protection of species in Tabasco.

Parque Natural Villaluz

4. Villaluz Natural Park

It is located three kilometers from the magical town of Tapijulapa in the Villa Luz Natural Park, where you can camp, hike and enjoy the thrill of ziplining.

The beautiful waterfalls are located on the other side of a suspension bridge that crosses the Oxolotán River