Sightseeing places closet o Villahermosa

To visit these places, a full day of excursion is needed and it is advisable to visit them with a travel agency.


1. Palenque, Chiapas

Is one of the most remarkable cities of the Mayan world. In addition, it is in a high tropical jungle area where waterfalls and rivers abound, simply fascinating!

It is believed that Palenque was founded around 100 B.C. and its development lasted almost a thousand years, after which it was abandoned forever. The buildings that can be seen today, in a magnificent jungle setting, are from the Classic Period, that is, from 400 to 700 AD. The Palace and the Temple of the Inscriptions stand out.

Cascadas de Agua azul

2. Blue waterfall

About 64 kilometers north of Palenque, you will find these impressive waterfalls of turquoise water. You can swim in the natural pools and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding jungle.

Cascadas de Misol - Ha

3. Misol Waterfalls - Ha

They are also located near Palenque, and are very impressive. You can walk behind the curtain of water and enjoy a tropical landscape without comparison.