For just over 45 years I have attended a large number of exhibitions, conferences and congresses in Mexico and I have observed that the main orientation has been commercial rather than technological and the presentation of new proposals for developments in the field of inspection.

In this Conference we want everything to be different and it is aimed mainly at the most important actors who are the inspectors.

The main objective of all the logistics and organization of this event is to attract inspectors who are on the work front every day and who are generally not given “permission” to attend meetings and conferences to participate or share your experiences and knowledge with your colleagues.

For this reason, this conference has been planned over a weekend, starting on Friday afternoon and ending on Sunday afternoon. We are sure that many colleagues will participate by sending their presentations and proposals so that they are known by our inspection communities. We have also decided to carry it out near where the largest workforce is located doing inspections, The city of Villahermosa, Tab.

Unlike other meetings, the VII COPAEND is open to all members of the inspection community who want to participate and advance the inspection profession in all its branches and specialties.

We are doing a special promotion to invite distributors, representatives and manufacturers of inspection equipment to participate in the exhibition that is aimed at our entire community and show us the latest advances in inspection equipment and techniques
Additionally, we are inviting well-known people internationally to inform us about the new certification schemes, their advantages and limitations, so several conferences will set a precedent in Mexico.

Finally, we want it to be a forum for our colleagues, the inspectors, to present their concerns and proposals to improve and achieve professional improvement in our union.
So you are invited to participate as a speaker, as an exhibitor or as an attendee at this event that is for you as an inspector of coatings, welding or non-destructive tests and trials.