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The Pan American Conference on Nondestructive Testing and Inspection (COPAEND Inspection) is a meeting of specialists in welding inspection, coatings inspection, testing and Nondestructive Testing. It is the logical continuation of a UN regional project that started as a Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean; later, with the incorporation of Canada and the United States of America, the American Society for NDT (ASNT) and the support of the International Committee for NDT (ICNDT), it became the Pan-American Conference on welding inspection, coatings inspection, testing and non-destructive testing.

Every 4 years it becomes the meeting point where representative entities of science, engineering and technology in the industrial sectors of welding, inspection, testing and non-destructive testing participate. The main and central theme this year is to share Mexican experiences in maintenance, construction and inspection acquired in the works of the Dos Bocas Refinery, the Mayan Train project, the Transisthmian Railway and investments in Oil Exploration and Production.